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Open an operating account – a US Dollar checking account – for the day-to-day operation of your business. The account offers safety and control to manage your company’s everyday business transactions. An earnings credit is available to assist in offsetting monthly fees.

Certificates of Deposit

A Square 1 CD will put your idle funds to work earning interest. With our flexible term lengths, you can customize your CD based on your liquidity needs. Competitive, tiered interest rates increase with the amount you contribute, offering you maximum interest-earning potential with FDIC insurance coverage up to $250,000.

Money Market Accounts

When you’re looking for a spot to park your funds for short-term needs, Square 1 Money Market Accounts (MMAs) are your best bet. These interest-earning accounts are always accessible via Online Banking* and offer competitive, tiered rates—as your funds grow, your earnings grow. You’ll also have FDIC insurance coverage up to $250,000.

*Federal regulation does not permit you to make more than six pre-authorized, automatic and/or telephone transfers or withdrawals during a statement cycle (or a period of at least four weeks).

Sweep Accounts

With our automated sweep accounts, you can optimize your return on excess balances while maintaining complete liquidity. Just set a target balance in your operating account. Excess funds will automatically transfer to the account or money market fund of your choice. Additionally, when your operating cash drops below your target, funds from your investment accounts will transfer automatically.

Zero Balance Accounts

Zero Balance Accounts (ZBAs) streamline your collections and safeguard your cash by automatically transferring incoming deposits routed to multiple individual accounts into one master account. ZBAs are preset to maintain a target balance—typically zero. By eliminating manual transfers, ZBAs save time and simplify account reconciliation. They also improve control by allowing for segregation of accounting duties.

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Susan Tang SVP, Global Treasury Management

501 2nd Street, Suite 212
San Francisco, CA 94107

P: 415.757.2642

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