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Automated Clearing House (ACH)

ACH can transmit funds on a predetermined date to pay vendor invoices, tax payments or employee reimbursements—just to name a few examples. These electronic payments are automated and settle faster and more securely, and they are more environmentally friendly than paper checks.

ACH Debit Origination

Automate your collections by using ACH debit origination, which allows you to schedule payments to be deposited directly into your Square 1 account. Your customers benefit from the convenience, and you get paid faster. You’ll also have greater predictability in your accounts receivable and the ability to automate transfers from other financial institutions.

Remote Deposit Capture

With our convenient remote deposit capture service, you can deposit checks 24/7 right from your desk (stay tuned for mobile). It’s quick and easy: You’ll scan the check and electronically transmit it to us—no deposit ticket required. We’ll process it and credit your account.

Lockbox Services

With our lockbox service, you can outsource your remittance processing. Save time and money by letting us retrieve, process and deposit your incoming checks. We’ll also capture and send you all the information you need for reconciliation, however you wish to receive it.

Credit Cards

Square 1 Bank offers a true corporate MasterCard® that will help you streamline operations, reduce administrative costs and improve control over your expenses. With no annual fee and no personal guarantees required, we think it’s a no-brainer.

The Square 1 Bank MasterCard offers the following benefits:

Automated Expense Tracking—There’s no need to enter transaction data manually. We can set up a direct data feed to populate your expense-tracking software with transaction data in real time.

Visibility + Control—Enjoy preset purchase limits and acceptances, and you can manage it all with consolidated or individual billing options.

Convenience + Flexibility—Make payments online, by check or by phone, at the time due or throughout the statement cycle to free up cardholder availability.

Cost Savings + Protection—Enjoy free travel insurance and protection, as well as discounts at major company partners such as Avis® and Office Depot®, with the MasterCard Easy Savings Plan®.

24/7 Customer Service—In keeping with our standards and an entrepreneur’s schedule, customer service for our credit cards is accessible at all times. Simply call 800.944.2726 and someone will gladly help you no matter the time or day.

Wire Transfer

Wire Transfer is the safest, fastest way to shift funds from one location to another, in virtually any country or currency. You can initiate a wire through Online Banking, whether you’re sending wires domestically or internationally. Online Banking reduces outgoing wire costs and employs strict user security protocols to safeguard your transactions.

1Pay Bill Pay

Pay your vendors online with 1Pay, our commercial bill pay solution. In addition to saving you time and stamps, this service offers improved control through user-level segregation of duties. It also integrates directly with your accounting platform, eliminating the possibility of double entry.

Square 1 is a team of real people who have lived the startup experience. Let’s talk about what we can help you achieve today.

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San Francisco, CA 94107

P: 415.757.2642

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