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Positive Pay

Reduce check fraud risk with three Positive Pay solutions that verify data from checks presented for payment. Discrepancies are flagged, and you decide whether to pay.


Positive Pay: You submit an electronic file of checks issued. Online Banking electronically compares each check presented to the data in your file (number and amount). Any discrepancies are flagged, and you can choose to pay the check or have it returned.

Payee Positive Pay: Taking Positive Pay one step further, Square 1 also verifies payee information for each check.

Reverse Positive Pay: Instead of submitting a file to us, we provide you with a file of checks presented daily, and you decide which ones to pay. If a check looks suspicious, you can return it through Online Banking.

Electronic Payment Authorization

Electronic Payment Authorization is a filtering service for ACH which allows you to tell us in advance which third parties have authorization to debit your account. You can even put controls around the amount they can debit and the period of time.

Account Notifications

Receive timely alerts regarding your accounts, including balance notifications, deposits and withdrawals and online access, at a glance.  You can have alerts sent right to your email or wireless device.

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