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Venture capital and private equity investors have unique, complex needs. You need a banking partner who can understand those needs, keep up with the fast-paced nature of your business, and execute with flexibility and speed. We can introduce you to promising companies and investment opportunities and provide tools to help you meet your goals of enhanced capital efficiency for limited partnerships.

Square 1’s Equity Funds Group is a national network of experienced banking professionals. Our sole purpose is to meet the unique needs and strategic focus of a firm’s chief financial officer—the financial health and resources of the fund, the general partners and the management company.

Further, our experience can assist CFOs with:

  • Streamlined treasury management tools with wire transfer and notification capabilities designed with venture firms in mind
  • Highly competitive interest-bearing deposit options with safety and security as the foremost concern
  • Traditional bridging of capital call lines to enhance capital efficiencies
  • Management of timing differences between receipt of management fees and expenses
  • Creative solutions for general partner entity contributions
  • Innovative structures to solve dry powder issues
  • Ideas to assist during lengthened fundraising time frames between funds
  • Products to finance fundraising expenses between funds

Square 1 is a team of real people who have lived the startup experience. Let’s talk about what we can help you achieve today.

Brad Smith Managing Director, Equity Funds Group

2420 Sand Hill Road
Suite 100
Menlo Park, CA 94025

P: 650.543.2725

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