Our Story

Serving entrepreneurs from the start.

In 2005, Square 1 opened.

Square 1 was created with the goal of serving entrepreneurs and their investors in an unprecedented way. To do this, our founders, all entrepreneurs themselves, assembled experts from across several industries, including financial services, technology and venture banking.

We designed Square 1 from the ground up to be different. Quick and responsive. Adaptive and flexible. Accessible and high touch. We found experienced team players who were driven by an entrepreneur’s motivation to find and embrace a better way.

— A Square 1 Founder

By March 2014, Square 1 went public.

This milestone followed years of hard work and a teamwide commitment to growing our assets, expanding our geographic footprint and becoming a thought leader among our key industries.

In October 2015, Square 1 Bank merged with Pacific Western Bank.

This mutually beneficial move provided us with access to more resources as we endeavor to help our clients achieve their goals for growth.

As part of a larger organization, Square 1 delivers:

Broader range of financial products and resources

Service for clients in all stages of growth and expansion

Expertise and guidance for investors and entrepreneurs

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