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Zack Mansfield

Managing Director, Southeast

Zack oversees the technology and life sciences banking practices across the Southeast. Before serving in his current role, Zack held a variety of positions at Square 1 including a position on the New York office’s technology banking team. Prior to Square 1, he worked for two venture-backed startups in North Carolina and the Durham-based Council for Entrepreneurial Development (CED). He graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where he earned a BS in Business Administration. Zack joined Square 1 in 2007.

Outside the Square

  • Was a member of the 2001 NCAA Men’s Soccer Championship team at UNC.
  • Answers to the nickname of “Reggie” at the Square 1 office.
  • Loves competing in almost anything, including a currently documented multi-hundred game backgammon series with Square 1 colleague Michael Fulton.


  • Life Sciences
  • Technology Banking


  • Southeast


406 Blackwell Street
Suite 240
Durham, NC 27701

P: 919.354.1279

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